At registration, you will be asked to select a pre-conference and an ELAG 2013 workshop.

Take a look at our menu to see what you can expect:

Choose one of these pre-conferences

ELAG Bootcamp 1 CouchDB: A Database for the Web – Sven-S. Porst
ELAG Bootcamp 2 Customizing the DSpace Manakin XML User Interface – Bram Luyten (@mire)
ELAG Bootcamp 3 Catmandu: boost your data processing with library oriented ETL – Nicolas Steenlant
ELAG Bootcamp 4 Evaluating the value of Named Entity Recognition for non-structured metadata with the help of OpenRefine – Seth Van Hooland, Simon Henghen en Ruben Verborgh

OpenAIRE/LIBER workshop


Choose one of these workshops

Workshop 1 Creating better user interfaces for libraries catalogues: how to present and interact with (FRBR-based) bibliographic data? – Tanja Merčun and Maja Žumer
Workshop 2 Very Gentle Linked Data – Adrian Stevenson and Jane Stevenson
Workshop 3 An Open Access workflow to Extract, Transform, Map, and Publish dynamic metadata – Miel Vander Sande, Pieter Colpaert, Erik Mannens
Workshop 4 audit your digital preservation – Robert Gillesse and Henk Vanstappen
Workshop 5 Drupal in libraries – Péter Király and Paul Poulain
Workshop 6 ISNI, ORCID and VIAF : Examining the fundamentals and application of contributor identifiers – Anila Angjeli and Thomas Hickey


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