Very Gentle Linked Data


Adrian Stevenson and Jane Stevenson


The aim of this workshop is to give non-to-moderately-technical people a chance to create some linked data themselves.We will first take a look at some simple data modelling. Participants will create some RDF (Resource Description Framework) on paper. We will then use a text editor to convert the RDF into electronic form.

Time and technology permitting, those feeling brave enough will load their RDF into a Fuseki triple store running on their laptop. (  I will show how to get the triple store running. This step is optional.

We will then learn a little about SPARQL, the query language for linked data. We will perform some simple queries using our own data where possible, or on a publicly available triple store (internet connection permitting).


All interested in having a go at creating some linked data. No programming or previous linked data experience necessary.


Ability to use a text editor.

Programming experience:

Not required. Bravery in the face of a command line prompt may help at times, but is not necessary.


Laptop with simple text editor.


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