ISNI, ORCID and VIAF : Examining the fundamentals and application of contributor identifiers

Workshop fully booked! contact us if you want more information


Anila Angjeli and Thomas Hickey


We will discuss the fundamental principles of identifiers, such as trust, interoperability and persistence in terms of:

  • Referent and Range (what the identifier attempts to identify and the types of things it covers)
  • Community (who is the audience, what are their processes and priorities, local vs. regional vs. global)
  • Control (who creates and modifies the identifiers and associated information)

We will then examine each of these identifier systems in some detail, going into the motivation for their creation, their characteristics and the rather complicated relationships that are developing between them.  One aspect of their creation is the possibility to turn bibliographic data ‘inside-out’, creating identifiers by using it to match, create and enhance entities found in it.

Intended audience:

System librarians, those interested in big data, big hardware and/or new approaches to authorities computed from semi-structured data


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