audit your digital preservation


Robert Gillesse and Henk Vanstappen


Early 2013, DEN and PACKED launched a Scoremodel for the preservation of digital collections ( The model is intended as a self-evaluation tool: organizations that host and/or manage digital collections can use the Scoremodel to identify the potential threats to the long-term viability. In contrast to the OAIS-oriented tools such as ISO 16363, the Scoremodel is aimed towards smaller institutions, who have limited technical and organizational competencies. The criteria in this checklist are grouped around 5 domains, in each of which a limited number of criteria are given, using as little technical jargon as possible.

 The resulting report can be used as a planning tool to systematically tackle the threats to digital preservation. By introducing risk levels, organizations are triggered to prioritize actions and to focus on measurements that are most important to take.

In this session, the why and how of the will be explained, after which the first findings in the use of the tool will be discussed. Next, attendants will be invited to discuss major issues in digital preservation by confronting the criteria from the Scoremodel with their own experience.

Intended audience:

People responsible for the management of digital collections in libraries and heritage institutions.

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  1. cool thanks for Ohrid posting! btw are there feeds to your site? I’d love to add them to my reader

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