Customizing the DSpace Manakin XML User Interface


Bram Luyten & @mire colleagues


The DSpace XML user interface is based on Apache’s Cocoon framework, a framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component based development. During the bootcamp, @mire developers will provide a primer on customizing the DSpace interface, with concrete examples to allow hands-on coding. The envisioned outcome of this bootcamp is that participants get a good sense on “what goes where”: while customizations can be implemented in different ways, @mire’s developers will go deeper into the pro’s and cons of implementing on different layers.


Systems librarians, developers, DSpace enthusiasts


notions of Java, XML, XSLT, CSS.

Programming experience:

Any previous experience with Java and DSpace will be very helpful.


A local installation of DSpace on the laptop that the participant will bring. This requires an apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL database.


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